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The New Mexico Library, Archives and Records Center building is home to two state agencies: the Commission of Public Records, an independent agency commonly known as the State Records Center and Archives, and the State Library, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs.

The main entrance to our facility is located at 1209 Camino Carlos Rey in Santa Fe.

Our mailing address is:

New Mexico State Records and Archives
1205 Camino Carlos Rey,
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507

The Archives and Historical Services Division is located in the New Mexico Library, Archives and Records Center Building

The walk-in address is 1209 Camino Carlos Rey.

The archives reading room is located on the lower floor, just left of the main entrance.

Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are:

Administration: (505) 476-7902

Archives & Historical Services Division: (505) 476-7948

Office of the State Historian: (505) 476-9782

Administrative Law Division: (505) 476-7941

State Records Administrator
Melissa Salazar melissa.salazar@state.nm.us (505) 476-7911

Deputy State Records Administrator
Georgette Chavez georgettel.chavez@state.nm.us   (505) 476-7926
Administrative Services
Andy Mackowski Bureau Chief andy.mackowski@state.nm.us (505) 476-7914
Vacant Executive Secretary   (505) 476-7913
Ruben A. Rivera Chief Financial Officer ruben.rivera@state.nm.us (505) 476-7912
Justin Herrera Financial Specialist justin.herrera@state.nm.us (505) 476-7902

Information Technology
Pete Chacon Chief Information Officer pete.chacon@state.nm.us (505) 476-7960
Robert D. Wise IT Network Admin I robert.wise@state.nm.us (505) 476-7709
James Kirby IT End User Support III james.kirby@state.nm.us (505) 476-7930

Archives and Historical Services Division
Felicia Lujan Division Director felicia.lujan@state.nm.us (505) 476-7954
Vacant Bureau Chief @state.nm.us (505) 476-7953
Gail Packard Administrative Assistant gail.packard@state.nm.us (505) 476-7956
Vacant Secretary   (505) 476-7948
Vacant Archivist SR @state.nm.us (505) 476-7959
Vacant Archivist   (505) 476-7917
Elena Perez-Lizano Archivist Sr elena.perez-lizano@state.nm.us (505) 476-7946
Lynne Newton Archivist Sr lynne.newton@state.nm.us (505) 476-7950
Marcus Flores Archivist marcus.flores@state.nm.us (505) 476-7951
Administrative Law Division
Matt Ortiz Division Director matt.ortiz@state.nm.us (505) 476-7941
Dennis Branch Management Analyst III dennis.branch@state.nm.us (505) 476-7923
Mark Gruber New Mexico Register Editor mark.gruber@state.nm.us (505) 476-7942
Pamela Lujan y Vigil Management Analyst III pamela.lujan@state.nm.us (505) 476-7990

State Historian
Rick Hendricks State Historian rick.hendricks@state.nm.us (505) 476-7955
Rob Martinez Assistant Historian rob.martinez@state.nm.us (505) 476-7998
Vacant Administrative Services Coordinator thomas.shumaker@state.nm.us (505) 476-9782
Thomas Shumaker NMHRAB Grants Administrator thomas.shumaker@state.nm.us (505) 476-9782

Records Management Division
Leo Lucero Division Director leo.lucero@state.nm.us (505) 476-7920
Agency Analysis Bureau
Susan Montoya Agency Analysis Bureau Chief susan.montoya@state.nm.us (505) 476-7921
Jonathan Roybal Management Analyst jonathan.roybal@state.nm.us (505) 476-7924
Vacant Management Analyst @state.nm.us (505) 476-7925
Vacant Management Analyst @state.nm.us (505) 476-7922
Santa Fe Records Center Bureau
Emmanuel "Jay" Rodriguez Records Center Bureau Chief emmanuel.rodriguez@state.nm.us (505) 476-7935
Adrian Ortiz Storekeeper III adrian.ortiz@state.nm.us (505) 476-7937
Cameron O'Rear Clerk IV cameron.orear@state.nm.us (505) 476-7904
Tanya Vigil Management Analyst tanya.vigil@state.nm.us (505)476-7936
Albuquerque Records Center Bureau
Crystal Wooldridge Records Center Manager crystal.wooldridge@state.nm.us (505) 270-7388
Martin Sandoval Information Records Clerk martin.sandoval1@state.nm.us (505) 270-3968